In January, I was overweight, depressed, had knee pain, developing gallbladder issues and gastritis. I was encountering my worst fear. Without a whole lot of expectations about what I wanted in a trainer or what my goals were, I started my search. I met with a few other personal trainers who were complete tools and I instantly knew they would annoy the beejeezus out of me. I found Mike’s ad on craigslist and when I met with him, I really liked the workout studio and, to my delight, he didn’t irritate me…so, I went with it. It did not take me long to figure out I was really on to something good…So, what do I LOVE about working out with Mike?? He is truly enthusiastic and that helps me keep my energy and pace at a maximum level throughout the entire workout. Each and every workout with him is varied, made specifically for me and he continues to challenge me!! We have developed a great repoire with each other and he keeps me engaged during each workout and distracted from the pain…(GOOD pain, as Mike says)…but, most importantly, we really just have fun together!!

Less than a year later, here just some are my amazing results…I have lost 38 lbs, my body fat has dropped from 34.5% to 24.9% and (my personal favorite) I can do “BOY” pushups!!!!!! I am facing my 40th birthday with NONE of the previously mentioned health problems and I feel damn strong and beautiful!!

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