Looking up “personal trainer” on google, and I found Mike. I checked out his website and read a few testimonials. And they really seem like he didn’t make them up himself so I decided to give some training a try! I was very nervous when I showed up the first day. I didnt know what to expect, but it went well. So well that I stayed until the very last day of outside training that year in 40 degree weather! Mike is awesome. He’s not only motivational, and challenging but he knows his stuff. He always finds an opportunity to teach the science behind the task – and somehow it gave the extra umph for a few more reps. What was also great was the diversity of the group: Newbies, runners, professionals, students, young, not so young – a really great crowd to blend in with and feel comfortable enough to focus inward and really challenge yourself. Because of the positive experience, I stuck it through for 7 months and was rewarded with noticable changes within that short period of time. If you’re considering group training – definately give this a shot. It’s tough, but Mike will tell ya “You can’t buy abs at Wal-mart!

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