In Mike’s words “Hate me now, Love me later” really ring true for me. His workouts and ability to push people of every ability is “unreal”. I like his determination to make ‘you look good so he looks good’. Mike knows what works, he combines core with strength training and you definitely see results. I’ve never considered training with someone because I’ve always thought that I could lift on my own and I’d be fine. But when Mike first started with me, I knew he would push me in ways I haven’t on a daily basis. I wanted results and I was confident that Mike could help. Since working out with Mike, I’ve certainly become stronger both mentally and physically. Physically I see results and mentally he’s made me stronger and more confident in my ability as an athlete. I always thought I needed to run 10 miles in order to get a workout but after training with Mike, I’ve learned I don’t need to beat myself up and spend hours in the gym in order to be fit. Also, Mike is super fun and very personable which makes working out with him that much more fun!

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