I started training with Mike in 2008. I have always enjoyed going to the gym regularly but I had really hit a slump and was getting bored with the same old routine. You can only spend so much time on an elliptical machine! So I decided to try something new and decided to sign up for sessions. I had thought I was in pretty decent shape, however, after 1 session with Mike I had sore muscles I didn’t even know existed before! The soreness went away and after more sessions I could tell I was getting stronger and gaining more stamina. This year I started doing personal training with another friend in Mike’s studio. I learned new techniques that actually gave me enough confidence to head over to the weight area in my own gym, a place I had always avoided before! If you tell Mike what areas you need to target he can design a workout plan just for you. The sessions are a lot of fun and Mike is always encouraging. With everything he taught me, I can now do a different workout every day and never get bored!

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