Mike was my first trainer and based on this experience I’m not sure how I will ever live without one! While Mike had many clients he always made me feel like I was his most important and somehow he managed to always accommodate my ever-changing schedule. He was in-tune to what I expected to get out of each work-out and the results have been dramatic. His fresh/fun approach to training motivated me to workout. My next trainer will have big shoes (and a Nike jumpsuit) to fill!


I was initially a little apprehensive in signing up for training as I was concerned Mike would be similar to a drill sergeant. Luckily, that was not the case at all. I work out a few times a week and always thought I pushed myself hard working out. Mike was able to push me (and get me to push myself) harder than I ever was before, but without the yelling you’d likely expect from a typical trainer. There was a lot of friendly competition which made it more fun and seemed to make it comfortable for people at all different fitness levels. I definitely recommend anyone considering training to join with Mike. You’ll see an improvement in your fitness level and have some fun doing it. Just expect to get a little dirty; it is outside after all.


I consider Mike to be an outstanding ‘life’ trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving health and wellness. I’m 36 and trained with Mike for over 6 months in Southern California last year. I was always in good shape as an old Army guy, but Mike helped me take it to another level. Results? (1) I dropped 4% on my body fat levels and now hover between 10-12%, (2) I removed high fructose corn syrup and other man-made toxins from my diet and now properly read ingredients on packages at the supermarket, (3) I dumped soft drinks completely and have been ‘sober’ for over a year–I was addicted to Diet Coke (4) I added ‘power’ breakfasts to my routine in the morning (rolled oats, steel-cut oats, granola) to help me burn energy throughout the day, and (5) I dumped the latest ‘fad’ enhancers like turbo drinks (that I would use prior to workouts) for good ole’ ice-cold H2O. Basically, I went into the program wanting to improve a specific body part (my abs) and left improving my entire physical structure. I also learned more than I ever wanted to know about how the body works, heals and transforms itself. Mike challenged me not only with physical conditioning, but with mental discipline, nutrition, diet, and general wellness to keep it going, which I have now for over a year. Again, I highly recommend him.


Training with Mike has been a great experience! I was out of shape and always tired due to long hours of work and evening classes. However, in only a few short months, I was in much better shape physically and mentally. Mike is an awesome trainer and always kept me motivated (and laughing!). He is a pleasure to work with because he genuinely cares about your well-being and will always go out of his way to help accommodate your needs. His workouts were intense and focused on all of my muscle groups for a full body workout. I am now able to utilize all that he has taught me and apply it to my own workout routines. Give Mike a try and I guarantee you will keep going back!


I started training with Mike in 2008. I have always enjoyed going to the gym regularly but I had really hit a slump and was getting bored with the same old routine. You can only spend so much time on an elliptical machine! So I decided to try something new and decided to sign up for sessions. I had thought I was in pretty decent shape, however, after 1 session with Mike I had sore muscles I didn’t even know existed before! The soreness went away and after more sessions I could tell I was getting stronger and gaining more stamina. This year I started doing personal training with another friend in Mike’s studio. I learned new techniques that actually gave me enough confidence to head over to the weight area in my own gym, a place I had always avoided before! If you tell Mike what areas you need to target he can design a workout plan just for you. The sessions are a lot of fun and Mike is always encouraging. With everything he taught me, I can now do a different workout every day and never get bored!


I have used many physical therapists, but Mike from Peak Performance is by far the best I have worked with. I came to him with a very bad ankle sprain that resulted in some torn ligaments. After two months of hard work with Mike I am back on my feet and training for my next marathon. The best thing about Mike is that he is very flexible. He was able to work with my crazy schedule and adjusted his protocol as my recovery sped up. I hope I don’t need physical therapy for a while, but if I do I will definitely return to Peak Performance. I never thought that 2 short months after my injury I would be running again. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Mike!


Mike was a real pleasure to work with. He made me reach my goals and become finally satisfied with my body and myself. Body image is very important to me, especially at this age,20, and Mike was very helpful. He helped me understand what is important for me from a health perspective, and then got me where I wanted to look physically. My self-confidence has changed and I finally feel good with myself. Thank you Mike for believing in me when even I didn’t.


Training is a great way to get in shape. You may think you’re in good shape, as I did, but Mike takes it to a whole new level. It’s the kind of work out that you probably don’t do on your own. I really liked the way it focused on resistance training, building core muscle strength and cardiovascular exercise. Each one-hour workout is different than the next, posing new challenges which push your body to reach new levels each week. You provide the commitment to sessions and Mike will provide the expertise and motivation to help you succeed in reaching your goals. Training is also fun because you get to bust on Mike when Gisele Brady blows his knee 10 minutes into the season.


In Mike’s words “Hate me now, Love me later” really ring true for me. His workouts and ability to push people of every ability is “unreal”. I like his determination to make ‘you look good so he looks good’. Mike knows what works, he combines core with strength training and you definitely see results. I’ve never considered training with someone because I’ve always thought that I could lift on my own and I’d be fine. But when Mike first started with me, I knew he would push me in ways I haven’t on a daily basis. I wanted results and I was confident that Mike could help. Since working out with Mike, I’ve certainly become stronger both mentally and physically. Physically I see results and mentally he’s made me stronger and more confident in my ability as an athlete. I always thought I needed to run 10 miles in order to get a workout but after training with Mike, I’ve learned I don’t need to beat myself up and spend hours in the gym in order to be fit. Also, Mike is super fun and very personable which makes working out with him that much more fun!


Looking up “personal trainer” on google, and I found Mike. I checked out his website and read a few testimonials. And they really seem like he didn’t make them up himself so I decided to give some training a try! I was very nervous when I showed up the first day. I didnt know what to expect, but it went well. So well that I stayed until the very last day of outside training that year in 40 degree weather! Mike is awesome. He’s not only motivational, and challenging but he knows his stuff. He always finds an opportunity to teach the science behind the task – and somehow it gave the extra umph for a few more reps. What was also great was the diversity of the group: Newbies, runners, professionals, students, young, not so young – a really great crowd to blend in with and feel comfortable enough to focus inward and really challenge yourself. Because of the positive experience, I stuck it through for 7 months and was rewarded with noticable changes within that short period of time. If you’re considering group training – definately give this a shot. It’s tough, but Mike will tell ya “You can’t buy abs at Wal-mart!


If you’re in need of physical therapy call Peak Performance! About a year ago I needed physical therapy and other places either didn’t take my health insurance or didn’t have flexible hours to fit my busy student/work schedule. Once I found Peak Performance all of my problems were solved: Mike is super flexible with his hours (early mornings, late evenings, and weekends) and he accepted my health insurance. Mike was also extremely helpful and flexible with designing a payment plan for me in regards to my copays as I transitioned between jobs and didn’t have much of an income for a couple weeks.


Mike P is very nice, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about his work. I saw him for several months for a shoulder injury and we successfully worked through it. He’s very flexible with his time and schedule. I was hesitant and doubtful about physical therapy but Mike has made me a true believer. Go to him, you won’t be sorry!


In January, I was overweight, depressed, had knee pain, developing gallbladder issues and gastritis. I was encountering my worst fear. Without a whole lot of expectations about what I wanted in a trainer or what my goals were, I started my search. I met with a few other personal trainers who were complete tools and I instantly knew they would annoy the beejeezus out of me. I found Mike’s ad on craigslist and when I met with him, I really liked the workout studio and, to my delight, he didn’t irritate me…so, I went with it. It did not take me long to figure out I was really on to something good…So, what do I LOVE about working out with Mike?? He is truly enthusiastic and that helps me keep my energy and pace at a maximum level throughout the entire workout. Each and every workout with him is varied, made specifically for me and he continues to challenge me!! We have developed a great repoire with each other and he keeps me engaged during each workout and distracted from the pain…(GOOD pain, as Mike says)…but, most importantly, we really just have fun together!! Less than a year later, here just some are my amazing results…I have lost 38 lbs, my body fat has dropped from 34.5% to 24.9% and (my personal favorite) I can do “BOY” pushups!!!!!! I am facing my 40th birthday with NONE of the previously mentioned health problems and I feel damn strong and beautiful!!


What to say about training with Mike?? Mike has changed the outlook I have on myself and on my life! He has pushed me to achieve my personal and fitness goals which I never thought were even possible. After years of spinning and body pump, I never changed my body composition. Since training with Mike for 3 months I have lost 2 pant sizes and I’m in better shape now than I was pre-kids(all 3 of them). I even had to go buys new clothes(yeh!!) I love the fact that I could only do 2 “boy” push ups when I started, and now I am up to 15. Now I am addicted to both working out with his Partner Sessions (I work with 2 friends) and strength routines, and even though he kicks my butt, the results are amazing!!!! I really look forward to being challenged each week. He’s so outgoing, so you never feel awkward working out with him. If you train with him, it’ll change your whole outlook on yourself and on your life!!!


Mike is the “best trainah eva.” He got me back to the gym after a broken shoulder and 4 months of not working out at all. After 2 months of training with him, I can already notice a difference. He is very funny and makes it not horrible to be at the gym. Just make sure that you count for yourself when he starts talking or else you will be doing a set until he is done with a whole story.


The experience itself has been amazing! Mike really takes the time to figure out what is going on with my body and tailors each treatment to my symptoms and how I’m progressing since my last visit. Mike assigns homework exercises and follows up by emailing me a detailed list of what exercises to do at home and how to do them. Mike also does a great job of explaining to me (in a way I can understand, not using medical jargon) what is causing my symptoms and what is going on with my body. I am 100% happy with the process and results that I’ve experienced at Peak Performance. As someone who hasn’t been able to lift my right arm above my head for about 5 years, the fact that I can do so with ease after only 3 months of working with Mike is pretty awesome. I’m now able to do the basic day-to-day things pain free that I had been missing out on as a result of my injury. I’m so happy I found Mike at Peak Performance and if I ever need PT in the future this is the only place I will go!


I attended Mike’s spring session in preparation for my upcoming wedding. I had done group exercise before but, never a boot camp in a park. I was a little nervous but, as soon as I met Mike I was completely comfortable. Mike is a great motivator and very knowledgeable. He makes working out fun. The time flies when you are working out and he is never dull. He got me in great shape for my wedding and I would defiantly recommend Mike to a friend! You will not be disappointed.


I started working out with Mike back in April in preparation for the NYC Marathon this November, and I must say it has made all the difference in the world. We spent most of our workouts focusing on fast paced, high repetition exercises, with the goal of building lean muscle while improving my cardiovascular fitness. After only 5 months of training twice a week for a half hour each time, I am amazed at the difference it has made. He has certainly made me stronger and more fit. I would absolutely recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to improve their overall level of fitness. He talks a lot, and keeps you entertained while you work your butt off. Overall he is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and taught me more than I could have imagined. Now I’m going to crush this marathon!!


I got more out of Mike’s sessions than I ever expected to. He was a great instructor and took us through a program that allowed us to build each week and constantly challenge ourselves. I felt stronger from the inside out in everything I did. I had my most successful triathlon season ever after starting training in the spring. I continued boot camp over the summer while I trained for and entered triathlons, and was able to remain injury free and cut my recovery time down significantly after long workouts and races. I attribute this all to the fitness I built and maintained through boot camp. I can’t wait to snowboard this winter, I’m sure that I’ll have more energy and core strength to perform better and feel stronger for those last few runs at the end of a long day on the mountain. I continue to use the exercises I learned during training in my workout routine, and I look forward to getting back to it this spring.


Mike’s classes are tough, but he is motivating without being intimidating. He can quickly asses the needs of his students and adjust his workouts accordingly. It never feels as though he is hanging back or pushing too hard. In the time I have been lucky enough to join Mike’s boot camp class, I have discovered a new confidence in myself; he has inspired me to push myself further outside of class, as well. Thanks, Mike!!


I started training with Mike after completing a physical therapy program for a neck injury. My personal goal was to increase my overall strength to prevent further injury. From the beginning, Mikes’ confident, calm approach made it enjoyable to really work hard and push myself. In addition to a custom made workout, I feel Mike made it a point to continually educate me on individual exercises and their benefits. I learned a lot from Mike and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their personal best.


Mike made me feel so comfortable about going to the gym. Before I started working out with him I had no idea what to do, now I look forward to going. I also started to notice results right away-my arms and legs looked so much better and much more toned.


I completely tore the ulnar collateral ligament in my elbow during a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. I was pretty bummed out to experience this kind of setback in my training, and wasn’t sure how long I’d be out. My doctor recommended a non-surgical treatment, so I went to see Mike. About 2 weeks post injury, my range of motion was limited and everyday tasks, like putting my hair up and opening doors, were still difficult. Jiu jitsu is a demanding sport and I felt miles away from being able to train again. After a couple weeks of working with Mike I had my full range of motion back and was working on strengthening exercises. I saw improvements every day. At my follow up appointment, my orthopedic surgeon was amazed at how well I was doing. Just a few more weeks later I was training again and my arm felt great! Now, I’m working with Mike on an exercise routine to get even stronger than I was before the injury, and it hasn’t taken long to see results. Mike not only provides excellent services as a physical therapist and a strength coach, but his friendly demeanor makes every appointment enjoyable. He has a way of making every client feel important, and always seems truly invested in his patient’s progress. I’ve never had such a positive experience with a physical therapist, and I couldn’t recommend him more!