What to say about working with Mike?? Mike has changed the outlook I have on myself and on my life! He has pushed me to achieve my personal and fitness goals which I never thought were even possible. After years of spinning and body pump, I never changed my body composition and I was starting to get back pain. Since training with Mike for 3 months I have lost 2 pant sizes and I’m in better shape now than I was pre-kids(all 3 of them). I even had to go buys new clothes(yeh!!) I love the fact that I could only do 2 “boy” push ups when I started, and now I am up to 15. Now I am addicted to both working out with his Partner Sessions (I work with 2 friends) and strength routines, and even though he kicks my butt, the results are amazing!!!! I really look forward to being challenged each week. He’s so outgoing, so you never feel awkward working out with him. If you train with him, it’ll change your whole outlook on yourself and on your life!!!

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